Vegan things I’ve eaten in Sheffield

If you had told me at the beginning of the year the world would still be struggling through the COVID disaster in November, I would have had a difficult time imaging that as reality.

I would have even been even more surprised had you told me I would no longer be living in Mexico City, but rather in Sheffield!

Life is full of surprises. Due to global circumstances, I’m living in Sheffield and working alongside a vegan food business. I feel extremely fortunate to have steady employment and a place to live, it’s just that it has come out of the blue.

We do what we must at times like this (has there ever been a time like this?) and I’m doing my best in Sheffield, a city I have loved for a long time and with which I have nurtured a special relationship ever since I hosted my Vegan Beer Festival events here.

Of course many food businesses are closed or sometimes closed in Sheffield, but I am still managing to eat and consume. You can’t hold a good FGV down!

Check out some of my foodie adventures since I’ve been in Sheffield this year.


The photo above shows my first meal on my first night back in Sheffield in July. I ordered a big comfort food bundle from Sunshine Deli to be delivered to my hotel room.

This vegan eatery has a lot of fans and delivers not only hot food, but heat and cook at home packs for people living longer distances from Sheffield.

Visit Sunshine Deli online and follow on Instagram.

There are a lot of non-vegan places in Sheffield offering substantial vegan menus. One such place is Nether Edge Pizza.

I really enjoyed their pizza featuring walnuts, while their garlic bread is one of my favourite takeaway treats.

Visit Nether Edge Pizza online and follow on Instagram.

One of my favourite vegan businesses in the UK is Truffle Pig, Sheffield’s very own artisan truffle and chocolate expert.

I first experienced the wonders of Truffle Pig a few years back when they traded at my Vegan Beer Festival in Sheffield. When they sold out almost as soon the doors opened, I knew they were something special.

Friday restocks on their website sell out just as quickly and Truffle Pig now has fans all over the UK.

Visit Truffle Pig online and follow on Instagram.

There is nothing I love more than an independent vegan grocery store and in Sheffield, we have the best!

The Incredible Nutshell is home to a dazzling range of vegan products including meats, cheeses, ice cream, chocolates, sweets, personal care items, household cleaners, pantry items, tinned food, and even alcohol.

Visit The Incredible Nutshell online and follow on Instagram.

In the intro of this blog entry I mentioned I am in Sheffield working with a vegan food company.

My mates at Make No Bones asked me to come onboard and help with a few things, including promoting their new project called Saucy. Saucy is a vegan takeaway joint selling wings, burgers, fries, desserts, and drinks.

Check out the vegan chicken burger in the shot above.

Visit Saucy online and follow on Instagram.

I currently live near a part of Sheffield called Kelham Island and just around the corner from me is a gorgeous pub called The Fat Cat.

This pub always has a few vegan options on the menu and it is all old-school pub fare. See my meal above consisting of mushroom pie, wedges, peas, and gravy.

Visit The Fat Cat online.

This next one is a bit of a cheat as it isn’t actually in Sheffield. The Globe is in a town called Glossop but I have included it as I visited from Sheffield during one of the brief time periods when short journeys were deemed OK and safe.

It is close enough to drive to if you are in Sheffield and well worth the trip, but is actually much closer to Manchester.

The Globe has a 100% vegan food menu and is one of my favourite pubs on the planet. The prices are ridiculously low and, as you can tell by my photo, you will be more than satisfied if you love comfort food.

Visit The Globe online and follow on Instagram.

I dropped in to see Icarus & Apollo a few weeks ago in the outdoor food and bar complex known as SteelYard Kelham. The site is one of those shipping container constructions that are all the rage and even has a bar on the roof!

Icarus & Apollo serve fusion food (with a bit of Mexican and African influence) that looks great in photos. I’m always seeing happy customers sharing photos on socials.

Visit Icarus & Apollo online and follow on Instagram.

Pom Kitchen is a vegetarian cafe in a cute and trendy part of town known as Sharrow Vale. The collection of shops on Sharrow Vale Road is a mix of foodie hot spots, bakeries, fresh food mongers, and antique traders.

It is here where Pom Kitchen has built a loyal customer base with their mix of vegetarian and vegan offerings.

Visit Pom Kitchen online and follow on Instagram.

A much-loved local coffee shop that isn’t vegan might just be selling one of the tastiest vegan sandwiches in the UK.

Create Coffee is a few doors along from the aforementioned The Incredible Nutshell on Chesterfield Road. They of course specialise in caffeine but just happen to do an incredibly tasty vegan Reuben using seitan supplied by Make No Bones.

Follow Create Coffee on Instagram.

The Beer Engine is one of Sheffield’s favourite drinking spots but unfortunately they have been more closed than open during my time here due to the pandemic.

When they do re-open for service, I really must insist you try the food of Dumpling City. This is the in-house kitchen of the pub and the flavours of the vegan offerings will knock your socks off. They are also branching into delivery, so stay alert.

Follow Dumpling City on Instagram.

Finally, I’m delighted to share these two photos from Make No Bones. They are the reason I’m currently in Sheffield and even though I work alongside them I don’t think it is unfair to say it is the best vegan food in the city.

Their food is currently reaching people only via delivery and takeaway due to the lockdown but that is not dampening the city’s love of the menu. The Sunday roast dinners fly out each week, while the newly-added Big Make burger is winning hearts all over South Yorkshire.

Visit Make No Bones online and follow on Instagram.

That’s everything so far.

There are many more vegan food experiences I’m looking forward to having in Sheffield, but I will have to wait for lockdowns and tiers to be relaxed.

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Please do comment with any recommendations you have!

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