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Here are two pieces of HUGE news in one blog post.

Part one:

Adored vegan meat company Moodley Manor is now shipping to mainland UK customers. Their sausages, bacon and burgers have been firm favourites in Ireland (where they are made) and Northern Ireland for a while, but now the rest of us can enjoy the taste loved by so many.

Click here to visit the website and place an order for delivery.

News part two:

In an FGV exclusive, Moodley Manor is heading to London to trade at my very first Vegan Christmas Market.

Ais and Gav will be packing up the van and heading across the water to delight crowds on Saturday December 17, 2016. Market shoppers will be able to buy packs of bacon, sausages and burgers, as well as the lauded Moodley roast that by all accounts is massive and delicious.

Bring a shopping bag because you are going to want to stock up in a serious way.

burgers roast-whole sausages bacon-cooked bacon

I’m am absolutely stoked to have Moodley Manor at my event. I will be buying two of everything. And I’m even happier to know that anyone in the UK not able to make it along to the Vegan Christmas Market in London will be able to order their own goodies online.

And just a extra sliver of exciting news, Moodley Manor will also be selling their famed garlic mayo at my event and online. I love that the jar claims it is perfect with chips! I will be putting that to the test.


Are you excited?

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  1. Bit pricey there on the mainland UK delivery!

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