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Mini Vego

Have you been swept up in the chocolate craze that has been wowing vegans all over Europe?

Vego is the jumbo bar in a foil wrapper that is crammed with hazelnuts and impossible to stop eating. Not one person I have shared it with has not been impressed.

The bar is huge and a few people have mentioned they have stopped buying it regularly due to its irresistibility. The giant bar gets eaten within minutes of being open. It takes a stronger person than me to make it last longer than five minutes.

The makers of Vego must have heard these cries of vegans because they have gone and produced a Vego Mini. Yes, a lovely and super cute smaller version of one of the best chocolate bars on the planet.


Isn’t it cute?!

Instead of the 150g of mouthwatering sweetness, you can now purchase the same product in a 65g size.

So cute, I might have to buy three at a time.

Available most everywhere.

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  1. That was about time! I stopped going to my vegan grocer to avoid buying the big Vego – that’s how irresisteble it is. And of course, I always ate the whole thing in one sitting. Creating a smaller one is a good move!

  2. I’m glad it’s not just me who can’t resist! I foolishly bought some special offer 250g Pernigotti Nocciolato bars on special offer from the Vegan Store the other day (billed as like Vego but bigger) &, so far, have had to take two sittings to eat a bar…

  3. […] a side note, the people behind this restaurant are also responsible for bringing the Vego chocolate bar to the masses. They have it branded to match the name of their […]

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