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Berlin eating

Even though I am tucked up in bed in New York as the winter weather extremes howl outside, I wanted to let you know about a tasty food experience from Berlin.

That’s right. FGV is a global concern.

Vego Foodworld is a fast food diner-style affair with my kind of food. Sausages, burgers, chips and lashings of sumptuous just about sums up how things are run.

Check out some of the tasty treats we consumed during our stay a few months back.

2014-10-10 17.59.20 2014-10-10 18.00.01 2014-10-10 18.00.29The currywurst pictured in the middle was the stuff of fantasy. I adored it.

As a side note, the people behind this restaurant are also responsible for bringing the Vego chocolate bar to the masses. They have it branded to match the name of their establishment!

You can visit Vego Foodworld online.

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