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Vegan again

Enough of this complaining about what isn’t vegan. Today I am celebrating the return of one of my favourite snacks that was vegan, went non-vegan for a while and has returned as vegan once more.

Check it out!I was stumbling to the Underground, drunk from the lucha libre in Bethnal Green, when I saw a late night Sainsbury’s open for business just shy of midnight. Of course I had consumed more beer than medically advisable, so I was in the mood for something on which to munch.

I spotted the Sainsbury’s own brand Bacon Crispies and it got me thinking of all the times I used to drunkenly eat them after a night out. Just as I was starting to get teary eyed from the reminiscing, I noted the packet had  the words ‘improved recipe’ emblazoned on the front.

I staggered toward the shelves, snatched up a packed, flipped it over and let out a beer-fuelled yelp of joy.

The Sainsbury’s vegan product identification has been returned to this beloved snack following many months (years?) as unsuitable for plant eaters.

I was happy in the haze of my drunken hour as I took this photo in a nearby shop doorway, however heaven knows I’m miserable now because I have none of the snacks left and I’m hungover.

Might need to get down the shops.bacon crispies

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  1. Thank-you for this information. I love these crisps as much as you and I’m just about to add numerous packets to my online order.

  2. You are hilarious!!!!! Hhaahaha!

  3. Great update…and loving The Smiths’ quotes!

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