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Moth believes in an afterglow

Manchester is hurtling towards being the most fun destination in the UK for vegans.

They have a super awesome vegan grocery store, an amazing vegan diner and even the non-vegan establishments are serving award-worthy vegan meals. Manchester is a vegan hot spot.

A scorching hot vegan landscape such as this requires lots of vegan beer to cool you down and Beermoth is exactly the place to get the job done.

Tucked away in the increasingly hip (yet still downtrodden) Northern QuarterBeermoth is a gorgeous beer boutique packed solid with craft beer, special brews and nothing else. That’s correct. A beer shop that sells only beer. No wine. No cider. Nothing else that might get in the way of your love for beer.

beer moth exterior

beer moth interior

marbleI walked away from the store with a few bottles, including this fab Earl Grey IPA by Marble you can see above. This is the beer that took home the audience favourite at the 2013 London Vegan Beer Fest.

The majority of beer in the shop appeared to my chubby, queer eye to be suitable for vegans although of course not all are labelled. If you don’t recognise a brewery and the Beermoth servers are not sure, a quick check online should find you the information you need.

So, a recap.

Beermoth sells hundreds of bottles of vegan-friendly beer. Get there.

Beermoth online

Beermoth Twitter

Beermoth Facebook

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