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Three times the fun

I love a good burger, me.

Fry it. Stick it in a bun. I want it. Slap some mustard on. Melt some plant-based cheese. I dream of these things.

This love of all things burger forced me into a difficult position a few days back. I was strolling the aisles of Aldi in Leeds (oh, the romance!) when my chubby, queer eyes spotted a vegetarian selection in the frozen food section.

Imagine my delight when I found not one box of vegan burgers, but three. Yep, all three products you see below were labeled suitable for vegans.

Which one did I buy? Scroll down to find out.

20140622_134527 20140622_134539 20140622_134546

Of course I did what any self respecting FGV would do. I purchased all three.

How exciting to see vegan burgers in a discount food supermarket! Have you found any other vegan surprises in Aldi?

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  1. Vegan chocolate digestives!

  2. Aldi, no Sir, but it’s gladdening to see them not going down the Quorn route like all the usual suspects. Now, let me take you back in time to a Galaxy far, far away- OK, it was Derby, the Midlands in 1982. When I first left home and had to fend for myself, there was a cut- price independent supermarket called Princes, which may have saved the life of many a student, dolie, and veggie-vegan due to it’s practically collectivist take on price – cutting. In the days when a veggie burger on the high street was the stuff of fantasy- this diamond little enterprise sold cut price loo roll, kitchen items and cleaning products, baked beans, dried lentils..MOCK DUCK (the granose stuff, in a tin), dried TVP (aka flatulence in bag), soya milk and those dried burger mixes, which I still consume now. Also incense, and tiger balm , if I recall correctly.. It was like Aldi/Lidl and Shangri-La, rolled into one. Also the checkout people were solid gold. Sadly this has now gone the way of most independent retailers, as the council landlord in their wisdom, seized back the land and bull-dozed it to turn it into ‘prime real estate’. Sigh, I still miss the place. i would like to send my gratitude to all those independent retailers out there still ‘sticking it to the man’, man. Bless them all.

  3. On the subject of good finds, Sainsburys sell vegan pesto – it’s Sacla brand and located in the ‘freefrom’ section.

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