Man v Horse

Something popped up in my Twitter timeline this morning that made me feel sad and angry.

There is an annual sporting event in Wales called Man V Horse. This mini marathon is staged through the Welsh countryside and features people attempting to complete the course before riders on horseback.

As I watched the video showcasing the event (see below), of course I was instantly horrified by the use of animals in a sporting event. I am opposed to animals being used for any form of entertainment, especially a cross country race that they most definitely would not enter and run without a human on their back.

The real disappointment came when it dawned on me that the event was sponsored by one of my favourite food companies, Whole Earth Foods.

I have been devouring Whole Earth products for years. Their sodas, peanut butter and cornflakes always make regular appearances in my shopping basket.

Because I am such a fan of their products and I have invested so much money as a consumer, I want to tell them that I am beyond disappointed that they have become involved in a race using animals.

How do you feel about the situation? Please leave respectful comments on this topic below.

If anyone from Whole Earth reads this, please note my passionate objection to this event and take time to read the comments of readers below. We buy your products and we are against animal exploitation.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. That is despicable. I stopped trusting and hence buying their products years ago after finding a gigantic piece of splintered wood in a jar of their peanut butter. They ignored communication about the issue, so maybe they’re just not a very thoughtful company in general.

  2. Horse racing is one of the worst ways we exploit animals, so this was terrible news. Hope Whole Warth reconsiders this awful idea.

  3. Very strange for an supposedly ethical foods company to do that would be interested to hear their response..

  4. Shocked to hear this. I am not buying fr whole earth foods again. Horse racing is very cruel for the horses and it is not up to is to say what a horse should do.

  5. I am genuinely shocked to read this. I never would have thought that a company so dedicated to creating good, wholesome and animal-friendly foods would do a 180 and support something so abhorrent. It would seem as though Whole Earth Foods is nothing more than a business seeking to make money in any way they can; if supporting horse racing is fine by them then I know that I for one won’t be giving them a single penny of my money from here on in.

  6. I’m vegan and I have no problem with this. I am against the racing industry but horse riding in general is not a problem to me.

  7. I am a really thick vegan – really, I’d never made the connection before with all horse events, and this one (which incidentally used to be “man v MTB v horse”). I think as a runner I’ve just been blinded to this event. I think it’s good to question things and think about them. Until we do that and challenge our thought society won’t evolve. Do I really think horses are happy with someone sitting on their back forcing them to go over dodgy terrain at speed, hmmmm, jury’s out, but no, maybe, just maybe they”d much rather be in fields chilling out with their brothers and sisters.

  8. I understand how you feel, I once felt that way. I was a vegan first and now am also an animal communicator (aka pet psychic). jAnd the first time I connected with a thoroughbred I started to see things a little different.
    There is no place for abuse or mistreatment of animals or humans in any form, however some of these horses have racing in their blood, and they love running. They really do!
    And as I connected with different kinds of animals, some in the “entertainment” industry, we have to realize they have a purpose here just like we do. They aren’t here just to do what WE want them to do. Some dogs love doing tricks, and love doing it for the attention of an audience. We can’t take the historical breeding out of an animal and so most feel the urge to do as their ancestors did – chasing moles, birds, running as fast or far as possible, or whatever it might be.
    So I only ask you to consider, assuming the animal is well cared for, what do you suppose they want? They likely don’t want to be lazy, they like to be important and recognized for accomplishment just as humans do, they want to be smart.
    I don’t know the humane treatment of this particular race, but I’m guessing some of the horses do enjoy it.

  9. Disappointed with Whole Earth Foods. I’ll find a more ethical producer of peanut butter etc.

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