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Big enough for me

Los Angeles is the danger. If you are vegan, you need to get to LA to experience what it is like to live without restriction.

I am currently in the area to attend Los Angeles Beer Fest and eat what I can. This city is a vegan mecca and plant-eaters are not sidelined or treated as an afterthought. Vegan is front and centre.

One shining example of LA’s love for vegans is the glorious Viva la Vegan supermarket in the Ocean Park Blvd. neighbourhood near Santa Monica.

Before I wow you with details of this cruelty-free grocery oasis, let me make it clear that this store is Viva la Vegan‘s small version. They have their flagship store based in Rancho Cucamonga which is billed as the world’s largest vegan supermarket.

I have to say, this Ocean Park version is plenty big enough for my liking. I would do FGV back flips to something this amazing in London. I can’t imagine what the bigger version is like.

This vegan supermarket is packed with anything and everything. Frozen ready meals. Snacks. Dairy alternatives. Cereal. Toiletries. Basically anything you can get in a regular grocery store, you can get in Viva la Vegan. They even have an entire double-fronted freezer just for pizza!

(Added bonus: it is a 30 second walk to a Native Foods location)

Follow the store on Twitter and get there when you are in LA. You will be giddy with vegan happiness.


aisle date lady dinos macaron pizza pockets sweet sara

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