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Sweet and spicy

One of the things I adore about living in London is the vast array of food readily available.

The city is such a remarkable melting pot of cultures and this is reflected in the styles of cuisine on offer. Vegans can dine on Indian food, pizza, Palestinian falafel, Chinese-inspired dishes and even cruelty-free cupcakes. But you don’t need to dine out to dip into this diversity. Supermarkets and grocery stores all over the capital reflect the eclectic population and vegan shoppers can take advantage of it.

One of the best items I have found in my local supermarket is a jar of Indian mango chutney. This delicious condiment is made by a company called Geeta’s and comes in a jar proudly displaying The Vegan Society flower logo. The chutney is rich and full of flavour with just the right amount of tang and bite. I absolutely love it.

The company also produce a Lime & Chilli Chutney and a Pineapple Chutney, both of which I am super keen to try. If they are anywhere near as delectable as the mango, I will be more than satisfied.

Geeta's mango chutney

Served up with mathris


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