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Several FGV readers have contacted me to say they have received an email from Holland & Barrett regarding the Fry’s Vegetarian debacle.

Read an excerpt from the generic email below and let us all celebrate the good news.“As a business Holland & Barrett are committed to the needs of our customers and we are aware that there is a strong customer support base for this range. It is for this reason that our Buying Team have  continued to work in close consultation with the Fry’s brand.  Following these discussions I am delighted to advise you that a new enhanced partnership agreement has been made.

This new partnership agreement will enhance consumer choice through the addition of new product lines and increased promotions in store.  From May 2011 three hundred Holland & Barrett stores will now stock the full frozen vegan & vegetarian range from Fry’s and all stores with freezer facilities will stock at least eight of the core Fry’s lines.  In addition to this our customers will be able to take advantage of a range of promotions on this line in the coming months.”

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  1. Wow! FGV et al, wonderful affirming email about the power we have to change things if we get off our butts! Nice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is fantastic news. Well done!

  3. […] even better for UK-based vegans. It appears we will be getting the new products too! Following the successful campaign to demand that Holland & Barrett reverse their decision to discontinue Fry’s, the […]

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