The suspense is killing me

Rumours have been circulating for a while now about new products coming soon from vegan food manufacturer Fry’s Vegetarian. Here at the Haus of FGV we have been just as excited as the next vegan foodie and if the whispers we are hearing are correct, cruelty-free eaters the world over are going to be ecstatic.

The news gets even better for UK-based vegans. It appears we will be getting the new products too! Following the successful campaign to demand that Holland & Barrett reverse their decision to discontinue Fry’s, the soon-to-arrive products will be lining freezer shelves in hundreds of high street stores.

So what is coming up? The official word is still a short while away but the rumours include talk of pies, samosas, new sausages and even some chicken-style snacks. Rest assured the FGV is on the case, chasing down the finer details and will report everything you need to know as soon as it becomes available. We can barely stand the anticipation.

Fry's chicken style strips on a bagel

In the meantime, grab some current Fry’s products in order to make a mouthwatering meal as you dream of the goodies to come. I suggest the chicken burger. This delicious item was recently awarded 1st place in the Best Vegan Meat category during Vegfest in Bristol. Congratulation to Fry’s for the win and thank you to Beanie’s for bringing these stunning foods into the country.

See my original post on Fry’s here.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. It’d be great if they could do some GF stuff.

  2. Hear, hear Jey,

    Vx sell a small (and delicious) range of GF called Topas, have you tried any of the range?

    • I adore Topas! I just had their hot dogs tonight on a muffin with vegan cheese and mayo. So lovely.

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