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Wait(rose) for sugar!

The UK has a knack of turning a short car journey up the motorway into an epic battle for survival.

If you have ever traversed one of the main vehicle routes, you would know that the slightest hint of adverse weather can bring proceedings to a standstill. A 4-hour trip between London and Manchester once took 9 hours due to snowfall. You never quite know what you are getting yourself into.

I think it is for this reason you will find highway stopping points jammed with petrol/gas stations, mini-supermarkets, fast food joints and motels every twenty miles or so. These hubs of consumerism are known as services and offer a place to sleep, eat and take shelter from multiple car pile ups and icy roads.

When it comes to finding vegan treats in these services, I am always an optimist. No shop shelf is left unexplored. This unshakeable desire to eat cruelty-free was rewarded last week during a stop at the Leicester Forest Services off the M1. The top shelf of the Waitrose chocolate and sweets section housed two varieties of vegan chocolate by Organica. The store also delivered vegan flavours by Tyrrell’s potato chips and pre-packaged Indian snacks in the chilled case.

Vegan chocolate on sale at Leicester Forest Services

The lesson of this post is to plan ahead. If you must get stranded in your car this winter, try and do so close to the Leicester Forest Services… and use the free WiFi on offer to let me know all about it.

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