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Vegan biodegradable sneakers?

Will’s Vegan Store is keeping the ethical goods flowing!

Say hello to the LDN Biodegradable Sneakers.

Over a year in the making, LDN Sneakers were created by Will’s working with leading shoe component manufacturers across Europe to create what they believe to be one of the most sustainable shoes on the planet.

Biodegradable? How does that work?

Here is the technical stuff.

Tencel™ knit weave uppers, linings, laces, lace tips, padding, tape and stitching are derived from sustainably grown wood sources (FSC®), harvested from certified and controlled sources. The Apinat Bio® outsoles are completely biodegradable under composting conditions, as well as compressed cardboard toe puffs, counter, and insole board (FSC®). The sneakers also feature wood fibre and natural latex insoles.

That’s a whole lot of fancy words to say they can be composted!

Available in white, grey, and black knit.

Shop for the LDN Biodegradable Sneaker online here and follow Will’s Vegan Store on Instagram.

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