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Best vegan brunch in London

Essential Vegan has always been one of the best places for vegan food in London but now that they have relocated to inside Dalston Superstore, they are also serving the BEST BRUNCH in London.

Vanessa of Essential Vegan invited me down to try the brunch and I’m serious when I say I haven’t tasted anything this delicious in a very long time. Look at that full Brazilian breakfast! The plate features house made seitan sausages, beans, toast, tofu scramble, potatoes, and a secret recipe spicy relish.

The photos above from my visit also show the jug of Bloody Maria I consumed, as well as some of the signature Essential Vegan starters.

Oh, did I forget to mention this is also drag brunch?

Local drag queens host the brunch every weekend with lots of camp music, games, and entertainment. Seriously the best spot in the city right now. And the entire venue and bar is vegan so you never stop winning.

Click here to book a table and follow Essential Vegan on Instagram.

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  1. Love it! All this AND a drag brunch? I gotta get to London!

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