Vegan rolled ice cream business hits the UK

Do you know what rolled ice cream is?

Rolled ice cream (also sometimes known as stir-fried ice cream) is a dessert made on a cold plate. Liquid (sweetened and flavoured) is spread thin on the cold plate and scraped using spatulas.

Once the liquid starts to turn into ice cream, it is scraped into rolls and served.

I recently heard from Cassie who has started a vegan rolled ice cream business called Twisted Tulip in the UK.

Cassie told me:

I started Twisted Tulip in August this year and have been attending vegan markets in the South West so far, but am hoping to attend larger markets and festivals across the country next year. We also have plans to cater weddings, parties, and events. As far as I am aware, I am the only 100% vegan rolled ice cream company in England.

How fab!

I love this idea. Vegan ice cream being made on site at events!

If you would like to keep updated on events where Twisted Tulip will be appearing, follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.

And hire them for your own markets, parties, and celebrations!

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