Vegan café in Avignon, South of France

My recent trip to Avignon was a dream.

We enjoyed gorgeous weather. The city was beautiful. Everything about my visit was perfect.

One component of the trip that added to my enjoyment more than most other aspects was my visit to Theias vegan café.

The food!

I was greatly impressed by the cuisine on offer at Theias. Sure, it was simple stuff but simple stuff done extremely well.

My favourite menu item was the bánh mì which was made with the most gloriously irresistible baguette I have ever experienced. I loved this sandwich so much, I bought an extra to eat an hour later!

The soup, the apple pie, the cheesecake, the quiche… it was all sensational.

There were also tubs of salad available along with vegan coleslaw dressing and mayo.

I truly haven’t been this satisfied with a meal in a long time. I was so happy!

You can see the exact location of the café thanks to Google Maps.

Extra note: Avignon is situated alongside the rive Rhone in the South of France. If you join me on our Vegan Culinary Cruises Provence adventure in November 2020, it would be my pleasure to personally accompany you to Theias for lunch during our stop in Avignon!

Read more about the cruise online here.

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