Two vegan businesses in the UK bow out

Running a vegan business in 2019 is brutal.

The costs associated with keeping a business alive can swamp an entire operation overnight and it takes nerves of steel to keep an independent set-up running and in profit.

Even with the best intentions and highest work ethic, circumstances can transpire to force the closure of a business. This can happen unexpectedly and suddenly. The decision to close a business isn’t always about money but it usually plays a big role.

Two women-owned, UK-based vegan businesses have announced closure within a 24-hour time period this week and as sad as I am to see them go, I’m also overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude for how these two businesses pushed veganism forward over recent years.

First news to hit my radar was the announcement that multi-award winning Hannah Banana Bakery was closed with immediate effect.

Owner and baker Hannah started the business back in 2011 and went on to absolutely change the landscape of free-from baking.

Her cakes and treats made fans out of people all over the UK and got more than a few rave mentions on this blog.

Hannah has announced this week that her business has come to an end immediately due to her decision to take on a different job.

The baked goods made by Hannah Banana Bakery were second to none and what Hannah did for families on the south coast is nothing short of amazing. Her cakes (and the excruciating and relentless hard work to get them made on time) allowed people to mark celebrations without feeling as though they were missing out.

Truth be told, they were getting better cakes from Hannah than they would ever have gotten from a non-vegan place.

Hannah Banana Bakery was one of the best and the UK is not the same without it. Thank you Hannah for being such a hard working vegan hero for so many years.

Sad news part two?

Legendary and groundbreaking retail dessert company Pudology is no more.

Watch this Facebook video from founder Lucy to hear the news.

Pudology is one of those brands that forged the way for the mainstreaming of veganism.

When Lucy started her plant-based dessert brand, she threw herself into it 100% and made enormous, groundbreaking strides.

Her amazing products got mainstream supermarket listings and gave hope to people all over the UK that veganism and deliciousness could go hand in hand.

Pudology dessert pots were widely available and vegans everywhere were delighted to have a world class, accessible product to call our own.

Lucy was always a wonderful supporter of events I hosted and never lost sight of the importance of giving back at a grassroots level. I gave away hundreds of her dessert pots over the years at potlucks and parties.

Pudology will be sorely missed but never forgotten.

What Lucy contributed with her gorgeous brand cannot be overstated. The UK supermarket landscape would not be swamped with vegan options like it is today without her personal sacrifices and invaluable contributions.

Thanks again to Hannah and Lucy. They made an indisputable difference in the fight to improve outcomes for animals and raise the profile of veganism in the UK.

Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Please please please convince them to write recipe books!!

  2. Sad news for both of them & I hope everything is okay for the founders & their families.

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