Vegan white chocolate

You are going to need to be VERY fast to get your hands on some of these delights.

ConVEctionery is an online UK store specialising in vegan treats, chocolates, and bakes.

For a super limited time (as in this weekend ending Sunday July 7, 2019) you can order two AMAZING items for delivery to your home or office.

Check this out.

If you are able to view the images above, you will have witnessed vegan white chocolate Kit Kats and white chocolate Wagon Wheels.

Oh, yes!

Of course CoVEctionery has plenty of other treats to order as well, but these white chocolate Kit Kats and Wagon Wheels are only available this weekend.

You gotta get over to their online shop as fast as you can because I predict they will not last long.

Click here to shop with CoVEctionery and follow them on Instagram.

Written by fatgayvegan

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  1. I don’t really remember what non-vegan white chocolate actually tastes like any more, but I used to love it. Not had any vegan stuff that was actually pleasant to eat so far. What’s this stuff like?

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