Vegan cinema experience in LA

Don’t you just hate when you go to a cinema and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for vegans to consume from the concessions stand?

Fellow cinema goers are struggling under trays of savoury snacks and ice creams and popcorn and soda.

The rejection I’ve experienced at cinemas has been decades long so imagine my overwhelming delight at visiting a cinema in Los Angeles and being faced with too much vegan choice.

Gil and I were invited to try out all the vegan goodies at Laemmle theatres.

Laemmle is an independently owned cinema chain specialising in arthouse films. We hopped along to their North Hollywood location for a screening of the latest Jim Jarmusch release The Dead Don’t Die and picked up all of these amazing treats.

Pretty impressive, right?

As you can see, Laemmle theatres are selling Fry’s products and I promise you I never thought I’d live to see the day when a cinema chain had vegan hot food options of such a high standard.

I gobbled up the hot dog, the sausage roll, and the gluten free nuggets.

When you are in Los Angeles, make time to take in a film screening at one of the nine Laemmle locations AND eat well while you do it.

You can follow Laemmle on Instagram. You can also follow Fry’s on Instagram.

Written by fatgayvegan

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  1. OMG,a dream!!!!!!!

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