Eating vegan in Hammersmith

Vegan food is everywhere in London.

I don’t simply mean there is a lot more than there used to be. I mean there is vegan food ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Take my recent walk through of the Hammersmith Broadway centre. The shopping plaza is overflowing with vegan food options.

Your plant-based cuisine options inside the centre include:

  • Coco di Mama is a London-based chain featuring Italian food and coffee. You can grab delicious comfort food including lasagne
  • Leon is showing us just how spectacular a non-vegan chain can cater for vegans and their new burger is sensational
  • Pret is still making vegan options a priority
  • Wasabi has some stunning vegan sushi, salad and soup options
  • Pulse Juice Bar is a kiosk overflowing with vegan toasted sandwich options, as well as salad and soup to go
  • Crosstown have a kiosk near the front entrance of the centre and always have about five vegan donut flavours

This list isn’t even close to everything vegan in the centre, which also houses a Tesco that has a huge selection of the Wicked Kitchen range of ready meals and sandwiches.

A vegan food revolution inside the Hammersmith Broadway centre is underway and is indicative of what’s happening all over London and the UK.

How are the vegan options in your local shopping centre?

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