New vegan sweets delivery company

Are you ready for a fabulous and ethical vegan sweets company that will deliver to your home or office?

You got it!

Liberty Vegan Sweets & Gifts is a 100% vegan, family-run enterprise that has spent the past two and a half years exhibiting at vegan festivals and fairs across the UK with Got No Beef Burger Bar and Liberty Vegan Ice Cream & Beverages.

It was at these events that the family behind Liberty Vegan Sweets & Gifts decided to offer vegan pic ‘n’ mix alongside their soft-serve ice cream.

It was a huge lightbulb moment and they decided to plug the huge gap in the market with a fully vegan and ethical sweet store.

They launched their online store of vegan sweet hampers and pic ‘n’ mix boxes in early November 2018 and the response has been fantastic.

Check out some of these photos!

Liberty Vegan Sweets & Gifts try and do the right thing on top of delivering delicious sweets.

They donate 5% of their profits to vegan-friendly charitable causes, their packaging is fully-compostable, recyclable and re-usable, and they offer a range of gluten/soya free options.

These boxes are the perfect gift for a loved one or even yourself!

You should probably head on over to the Liberty Vegan Sweets website where you can get a special 10% off your first order discount with the code ‘Liberty10’.

You can follow Liberty Vegan Sweets on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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