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One of the most exciting things about the growth of veganism is watching all the cute and clever adverts being developed in order to sell plant-based products.

Oatly has been making a big splash with their ‘it’s like milk but made for humans’ billboards around the UK and now superstar vegan cheese brand New Roots has launched this irreverent live action advert.

Click play below.

The advertising spot works on a few levels but is most engaging in the way it positions the brand as a leading force in shaping the future.

Posted under the advert on Facebook are the following phrases:

Switzerland is the home of cheese. New Roots creates the traditions of the future. Because ethics matter.

It is so well done.

It plays on established and entrenched ideas about food authenticity and suggests that the brand is leading through innovation, while not forgetting to anchor the message with an ethical underpinning.

And it is kooky, fun, and engaging.

I believe ads such as this are a powerful tool in our fight to improve outcomes for non-human animals.

You can follow New Roots Vegan Cheese on Instagram and Facebook.

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