UK’s first vegan social centre opens this week

Great news.

The UK’s first vegan social centre is launching this Friday in Sheffield!

Heartcure Collective is the first of its kind in the UK and Europe, converted from and old warehouse in the centre of town.

Set to feature Vibes Food Co cafe and coffee shop, zero waste shop Zero Hero, ethical clothing store Wild Ones, a library, kids area, and more, Heartcure Collective has been in planning and development for two years.

The centre will focus on animal rights, sustainability and the environment. Through hosting workshops, talks, film screenings and events the centre aims to empower people to create change in the world.

Zero Hero will offer a mixture of essential package-free foods, toiletries and additional products to help the community live more sustainably while Wild Ones will stock ethical clothing and accessories including Heartcure Clothing, wallets and purses made from cork, and the highly anticipated Eden Perfumes.

The centre will have a dedicated kids area with a small selection of books and toys.

The library is packed full with books focussing on animal rights, human rights, feminism, anarchism, and sustainability. There is also a computer with software for video and photo editing for community use.

Heartcure Collective is a non-profit community interest company with all profits helping to sustain the centre and will allow them to host low-cost fundraising events for local charities.

If you are in Sheffield, visit Heartcure Collective on or after Friday November 30, 2018. The opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday 9am-10pm and Sunday 10am-8pm.

Follow Heartcure Collective on Instagram and Facebook.

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