New vegan food trend launches in London

Two of the biggest names on the London vegan food scene have joined forces to change the face of plant-based comfort food while keeping the roots of veganism at the heart of everything.

Thanks to What The Pitta and Dough Society, you can now say a big hello to the hummus-glazed DÖ-NUT.

Vegan businesses have a well-known history of launching food trends and over the past few years we’ve seen vegan cronuts, brookies, and freakshakes all making headlines.

But it is the DÖ-NUT that is set to completely change the way vegans look at comfort food.

So what is a DÖ-NUT? I asked Cem of What The Pitta to explain the how and what:

We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be collaborating with Dough Society, the tastiest doughnut shop in town, to introduce the strictly limited edition DÖ-NUT. This tantalising sweet and spicy bun features Dough Society’s signature dough with a sticky hummus glaze smothered in hot sauce and is stuffed to the max with vegan döner pieces. It’s the best of everything combined. DÖ-NUT knock it ’til you’ve tried it!

I reached out to Dough Society founder Lauren to find out why she wanted to be a part of such a groundbreaking food launch. Lauren said:

I think that sometimes as vegans we forget about the pure simplicity of hummus. When I spoke with the guys from What The Pitta about a food collaboration, I wanted to make sure we paid due respect to this staple of the vegan food scene. The DÖ-NUT might be seen by some to be just another food fad designed to dazzle, but I believe the inclusion of hummus gives it an authenticity that other trendy vegan food items lack. Hummus is such a huge part of our identity as vegans. What is life without hummus?

The DÖ-NUT is available for a strictly limited time starting April 1, 2018.

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