Inside look at London’s flagship vegan kebab shop

London really has come along leaps and bounds when we look at vegan advancements.

Independent vegan food businesses are storming the capital and two people on the frontline of this charge have just gone and opened London’s first vegan döner restaurant with its own indoor seating.

What The Pitta is the brainchild of Cem Yildiz and Roj Gul. These friends started selling their irresistible comfort food from a garden shed set up in Shoreditch, moved on to creating a cult following with their two Boxpark locations (Shoreditch and Croydon) and have now outdone themselves by throwing open the doors to the UK’s first ever 100% vegan döner kebab restaurant in Camden.

Roj and Cem outside their Shoreditch takeaway joint

The rapid success of the two Boxpark locations meant that the only logical step for the two entrepreneurs was to open their own permanent restaurant.

I asked Cem what the new Camden version of What The Pitta means to him and this is what he had to say:

We’re really happy to have secured our first place outside of Boxpark with the continued support of the vegan community. Camden may be becoming another London vegan hub but I see the years to come as an opportunity for us to move into some other major cities around the UK as it’s not just Londoners who want their vegan döner fix!

You can see the exact location of the Camden restaurant thanks to Google Maps and be sure to follow What The Pitta on Instagram.

If you haven’t been down to What The Pitta Camden, the photos following will be your first peak inside.

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  1. Just looked at the location – and it’s right behind McDonald’s. Perfect!

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