Why today is a big day for vegan London

Today is a monumental day for vegan London and I want to share a few thoughts with all of you.

Only a fraction of us get a chance to really understand what it is like to open our own business. It is consuming and terrifying.

As Rebecca and Pat open the doors today of the second permanent location of their superstar vegan food business, Temple of Seitan, I want to send a very heartfelt ‘thank you’ to both of them.

For anyone who hasn’t been in the situation of launching their own business, start by imagining your ability to pay your bills, rent and food expenses being gambled on one of the most notoriously risky business models in our modern world.

Think of the feelings associated with risking everything. Now multiply those feelings ten times and consider what it is like to have that with you 24 hours a day. Yes, even in your sleep.

As Temple of Camden welcomes the crowds today, I send my deep and very real gratitude to Rebecca and Pat.

They have put untold energy (both physical and emotional) into securing the future of their vegan business. This business is not just a way for them to make money, rather it has captured the imagination and attention of the mainstream and is shaping the way people see veganism.

Their delicious food (and the carefully crafted cool image of their stores) is making a lot of people believe they can make the change to a vegan life. They are actually building a bridge to veganism over which hundreds of people are rushing.

They are making veganism seem achievable for thousands of people.

But Temple of Camden is more than just vegan activism. It is the safeguarding of jobs for their employees. Vegan jobs.

Rebecca and Pat have worked impossibly long hours to create a businesses that doesn’t just pay the bills and put money in their pockets. They have created a space where people are able to earn a living without having to be part of a system that abuses and mistreats non-human animals.

Temple workers get to work in an environment that aligns with their worldview. They don’t have to partake in exploitation to pay their bills.

And then there is more.

Temple of Seitan is a certified Living Wage employer. What is that you ask?

Living Wage is a guideline that outlines what workers would need to be paid in order to meet the cost of living in the UK. Temple of Seitan as a business has committed to paying wages in accordance with these guidelines.

To put it basically, they want to champion animal welfare while paying people fairly.

If you visit Temple of Camden this week, month, or year, I would love for you to take a moment to look around and feel thankful.

Feel thankful that we have such hardworking and decent people on our side, putting everything on the line in order to make the world a better place.

Bec and Pat. I couldn’t be prouder or more in awe of all you do.

Thank you.

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