Vegan bar and restaurant in Newcastle

Try to stop this vegan revolution sweeping the UK and you will not be successful.

The northern city of Newcastle has enjoyed eating at vegetarian restaurant The Bohemian for a while now, but they have even more reason to fall head over heels in love with the place.

The Bohemian is now 100% vegan.

The kitchen serves a whole range of comfort food, with their pizzas getting a lot of attention on social media.

Unlike some pubs that launch vegan food menus but forget about the bar aspect, The Bohemian has also converted their drinks menu to be 100% vegan.

As if all of this isn’t cool enough, there is also a record store INSIDE the restaurant. Yep, you can shop for vinyl after you fill up on tasty food.

Click here to see the exact location of The Bohemian.

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