Vegan fine dining voucher in London

West End eatery Tredwells just enjoyed runaway success with a month of vegan dining events.

It was so successful in fact, the restaurant is now making it possible for you to buy the specially crafted 5-course vegan menu during any visit!

This five-course, vegan tasting menu was created especially for the supper clubs and is now available for guests to enjoy every day.

As it is the festive season, you can click here to buy the meal as a voucher to send to someone you care about. I would be totally made up to get this exquisite eating experience as a gift.

Chef Patron, Chantelle Nicholson, has long been a champion of plant-based cooking and to celebrate her love of this style of food she will be bringing out her first cookbook in spring 2018, aptly named, ‘Planted’, currently available for pre-order.

The 5-course vegan tasting menu comes with matching vegan wines for £75. Coffee, tea or infusions (as well as service charge) included.

You can follow Chef Chantelle on Instagram.

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