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Moo Free news!

Launching for Winter 2017, the brand-new snack-sized Choccy Chums Surprises from Moo Free are priced at a low RRP of just 55p!

Each mini slab is embossed with one of four of the Moo Free Friends: Hammy Hamster, Mikey Bunny, Lily-Lu Lemur or Cheeky Chops.

“Thanks to the patronage of our loyal customers, we’ve been able to continue to invest in new machinery and training”, says sales and marketing director Mike Jessop.

“As a result, we are now able to introduce these delicious and fun Choccy Chums Surprises to the vegan market at our lowest recommended retail price yet”.

These new mini slabs are certified organic and vegan (of course)!

Are you excited for these new low-price vegan treats?

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  1. OMG! I’m dying for trying them. I hope is easy to find them in London.

    Thanks for your post they are making easy my living here.


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