Best vegan chocolate

I recently had the extreme good fortune of tasting the best vegan chocolate I’ve had in years.

Sat hello to Chocolatey Clare.

This handmade milk chocolate brand hails from Dublin, Ireland and features a gorgeous selection of flavours including Lemon Crunch, Mint Creme and Salted Peanut.

They are all gorgeous.

I was very kindly gifted a selection box thanks to Clare herself and I wasn’t expecting to be so blown away by how delicious her products were. Josh and I were actually fighting over the final crumbs.

When I write that I thought these chocolates were amazing, I really mean that I have never tasted vegan chocolate this good in Ireland or the UK. There are only a few chocolate brands on the planet that I think are in this league.

The good news for all the chocolate lovers out there is that you can order directly from Clare online for delivery.

Click here to order your own selection now.

Need more convincing to buy some for yourself or a friend?

Chocolatey Clare sources ethical cacao from a Fairtrade certified co-op in Peru, the packaging is printed by a company specialising in vegetable inks with machines powered by wind, and the bars are plastic free as they are wrapped in recyclable paper-backed foil.

This is the ultimate feel good gift. Order some now. Get double what you think you should because you will be in love.

Follow Chocolatey Clare on Instagram.

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