Vegan waffles in London

London, it’s your time to get Waffled.

Waffled tell me they are all about reinventing the waffle into a delicious savoury meal. That was enough to make me thrilled to book them for Hackney Downs Vegan Market this Saturday (September 16, 2017).

Who doesn’t love a good waffle?

Waffled products are mostly allergen free (they do contain contain tahini and garlic), 100% vegan and always gluten free.

The business serves 3 flavours of waffles which they turn into delicious dishes: 1) Falafel (chick peas + coriander) – they don’t deep fry the falafel, just waffle iron it 2) Buckwheat and rice flakes 3) Millet and oats (can also be made into a sweet option served with watermelon, banana barriers and organic maple syrup)

The waffles are complimented by 4 sauces/pastes guacamole made on the spot, aubergine-sweet pepper spicy sauce, home-made hummus, and beetroot-butter squash.

They also serve waffled vegan haloumi salad (made from drained tofu and marinated in a blend of spices making it taste like haloumi) garnished with pomegranate molasses and watermelon.

If you are excited about Waffled, give them a follow on Instagram and get along to Hackney Downs Vegan Market this Saturday.

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