Chain store vegan sandwiches

My friend Susan visited London a while ago and one thing about the UK really amused her. She couldn’t quite understand the obsession with ready to consume sandwiches.

Susan has a point.

I’ve never seen a country quite like the UK when it comes to pre-made, boxed up sandwiches. You get them at the petrol station, inside pharmacies, as part of meal deals, in high end shops, in budget outlets, in coffee chains, and pretty much any other type of retail space you can imagine.

Some stores selling these sandwiches will have an entire wall of chillers dedicated to dozens and dozens of various flavours.

I’d love to know how this sandwich saturation happened in the UK. If anyone knows the history of why packed sandwiches are an integral part of life here in the UK, I’d love to know.

Sharing Susan’s bewilderment and amusement was really just a cute lead in for sharing these photos.

Check out three vegan ready-to-go vegan sandwiches I’ve spotted around the UK over the past week.

Let me know if you have a favourite ready made sandwich in the comments below.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Not sure about the coop one, but I know Boots does a similar Louisiana style fritter sandwich that is pretty tasty!

  2. I haven’t seen a single vegan sandwich in my supermarkets. I had lost faith but this has given me hope ! Good finds.

  3. The Co-op one is disgusting. I tried most of the vegan versions but have to say most of them were ended up in the bin. Waste of money. Once I’ve got a vegan pasta salad from Co-op and it had something like snail skin inside, it made me really sick. Vegans should be really careful with leafy ready meals as you might be ending up eating small bugs or their eggs.

  4. The vegan wrap thing from Starbucks is pretty decent. Not amazing, but decent.

    Sainsbury’s also do an avocado-and-something vegan sandwich which is bland and disappointing.

    I like the look of that corn fritter one.

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