Vegan BBQ in London

You all know I am Australian, right?

I grew up with people frying all sorts of animals on the ‘barbie’ and backyard meat fests were part of life. The general vibe was that you weren’t a good Australian citizen if you didn’t have a chunk of charred cow on your plate.

Now there is a new food company in London to make me feel nostalgic for days past but without the animals having to die part. Barbie Grrrl is a pop-up food company catering for those craving the textures, smells and flavours of a proper backyard Aussie BBQ.

Barbie Grrrl is currently grilling in the beer garden at Shoreditch’s Canvas Café during lunchtime and dinner throughout August. Alcohol and a variety of beverages are within easy reach and HOMEMADE SEITAN RIBS are on the menu – served either straight up or accompanied by Canvas Café’s summer salad selection.

Barbie Grrrl rub their ribs with 9 spices – including turmeric, sweet paprika and fennel seeds – and demerara sugar for flavour complexity. They are proud to say they give the ribs all the time they need on the barbie, which leaves them chargrilled and with a distinct smoky flavour from the coal. The final touch is a slathering of their signature BBQ sauce, with notes of aniseed and a chilli kick.

The ribs are made fresh every morning so once they are gone, they’re gone!

Barbie Grrrl will be in residence every Tuesday – Sunday for lunch (12:00-16:00) and dinner (18:00-22:00) from the 1st of August through to the 3rd of September, 2017. Bring cash to buy your ribs (cashpoint a short walk away), £5 on their own or £7 with salad.


Follow Barbie Grrrl on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Click here to see the exact location of the pop-up via Google maps.

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