Vegan bakery in Kent

Dear people of Kent. You have this for which to be grateful.

Vegan Antics started as home bakers back in 2015, shipping treats from their website to all over the UK in order to raise the funds to open up their own 100% vegan bakery in Gravesend, Kent during April 2017.

What do they serve up?

The bakery has loads of options to choose from including cakes, cupcakes, brownies, blondies and shortbreads, as well as extra indulgent dessert options such as waffles & ice cream, sundaes and hot fudge brownies. You can enjoy coffee, tea, ice cream milkshakes, smoothies and sodas.

But it isn’t only the sugar fans that are covered at Vegan Antics.

The bakery is famous in the area for their paninis, including the mega popular Big Breakfast Panini. You can also buy and devour sausage rolls, wraps and croissants.

If you are in Gravesend, Kent you can find the exact location right here via Google Maps. You can also order online.

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Right, let’s look at some photos.


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