Vegan candles in jars

I know I post about food 99.9% of the time, so I’m shaking things up today by giving you some inedible news.


There is a person named Luke who got in touch with me and they wanted me to let you know about a fabulous vegan candle company they own. I’m a complete sucker for candles and couldn’t wait to give you these links.

Scentimental Jars is a London-based, independent candle company that creates vegan friendly scented soy wax candles. They hand make all of their own products and offer a wide variety of scents and sizes.

The company (which is over a year old) was started by Luke while recovering from a heart operation and is powered by a love and passion for candles. It all started one day experimenting at own home by creating some candles and after receiving a great response from family and friends, Scentimental Jars was born.

The range of products is now massive and I think that name is too cute!

You can shop online directly with Scentimental Jars by visiting their website. You can also follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Extra note: Scentimental Jars is looking for retail opportunities. Please get in touch with them if you run a store, café or website and you would like to sell their products.

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