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Rarely does a food event come along of such exclusivity. You need to book a ticket for this pop up supper club IMMEDIATELY after reading this post. Tickets will not hang around.

On July 14, 2017 in Finsbury, London you have the opportunity to dine with two of the best vegan chefs in the UK. Jhenn of The Vegan Ronin and Kip of Messy Vegetarian Cook are joining forces to bring you an intimate Japanese/Thai fusion eating experience like no other.

First things first. Jhenn and Kip have both cooked for me and you will hard pushed to find finer food in the UK capital. Jhenn is an expert at recreating Japanese cuisine while Kip never fails to impress with her take on Thai. To add value to the event, both chefs are two of the most compassionate and kind people you could meet.

Are you ready to discover the incredible menu they have planned for their guests?


  • Welcome drinks and nibbles – Cocktails with tom yam popcorn & shiso popcorn
  • Miso Walnut Aubergine Larb – Yuzu, lime, mint, coriander, roasted chilli powder, toasted rice with sticky rice and crunchy salad
  • Thai-koyaki – Seasoned vegan fish paste Takoyaki with garlic, coriander stems, white pepper, twice fried tofu, Thai pickles, marinated shiitake, chilli tonkatsu sauce , homemade vegan mayo and fried shallots.
  • Nigiri sushi & Miso soup – Nam Prik Pao chilli jam aubergine nigiri with roasted aromatics, tamarind, palm sugar. Seared massaman nigiri with pickled ginger, cucumber chilli relish, toasted peanuts. Served with Thai vegetable miso soup and pickles.
  • Petit Fours & tea – A selection of Japanese and Thai sweets

That menu sounds absolutely amazing. Last time I checked, there were only 6 seats remaining for this exclusive supper club.

Click here to book now. Don’t miss out.

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