Vegan fruit at Tesco

One obstacle for vegans doing their best to steer clear of animal derived ingredients in their food is the practice by supermarkets and fruit wholesalers to coat fresh fruit in wax for preservation. Wax made from insects.

But along comes giant UK supermarket chain Tesco with the surprise of the year. They have started to tell customers that they have commenced a program to coat their fruit with a vegan-suitable wax.

Check out this Twitter exchange.

That is some good news.

We do everything we can to avoid contributing to the demand of animal products but you have sometimes just gotta buy some fruit. This move by Tesco means one less thing we have to worry about. We can focus on their monopolising business practices instead!

Extra note: Josh has asked but we are yet to get an answer if we will be able to tell which fruit is coated in the vegan wax or if it is a guessing game.

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  1. That’s a nice counterpoint to the potential wax gaffe of their competitor… Have you heard about Sainsbury’s removing the vegan label from their hummus, apparently because the lemons used therein are waxed?

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