New vegan Italian food spot

London. The longer I am away, the more vegan food joints start popping up.

Maybe I should never come back?

The latest 100% vegan food outlet to spring up in the UK capital is called Piadina Genuina and the photos on their Instagram account had me hooked at first glance.

Please check out this plant-based amazingness.

Yes. This place looks divine.

But what is piadina? I’ve lifted the following from the Facebook page for Piadina Genuina to give you a better insight. In the words of Antonio:

A piadina is an Italian flat bread which is cooked fresh in front of your eyes on the grill and then filled with any fillings of your choice. I offer a wide selection of vegan choices as this is something I am personally passionate. All of the fillings will be prepared daily, including seasonal vegetables, personal recipes of seitan, sauces and daily specials.
You can create your own Piadina, starting by choosing your favourite dough then choose your filling and enjoy!

Piadina Genuina is located on Wick Road in Hackney (see location here) and I suggest you get along ASAP before there are queues down the block.

This food looks too good to ignore. It might even be the thing to tempt me back from Mexico.

Follow Piadina Genuina on Facebook and Instagram. Visit them online. They are open every day.

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  1. Will definitely visit when I’m next in London!

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