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I recently had to meet my elderly Dutch aunt in Amsterdam for a brief lunch before catching the train back to London. Of course Amsterdam has many vegan options but given the time constraints and accessibility concerns, I wanted something close to Amsterdam Centraal Station.

A quick search online showed that I was in luck as Wagamama has a branch inside the station and there were rumours that they had a separate vegan menu available to customers. We arrived shortly after they opened and were greeted by the friendly servers who, like everyone else I met in Amsterdam, spoke perfect English. When I asked for the vegan menu, I was delighted when the server brought this to me:

Vegan menu at Wagamama in Amsterdam Centraal Station

How great is it that they have actually taken the time to see which dishes are inherently vegan and which ones can be easily made vegan and how to do so! This is in stark contrast to the UK Wagamama restaurants where if you ask about veganism, you are shown some crusty old ring binder with all sorts of confusing charts about crustacea, grains, egg etc. Kudos to the Amsterdam branch for being on top of shit!

Yasai Itame curry at Wagamama Amsterdam Centraal Station

I played it safe and ordered what I always order at Wagamama – the Yasai Itame cury (no mushrooms, extra tofu) which is a delicious mix of rice noodles and assorted vegetables in a piquant coconut broth. It was wholly delicious and I’m terrified of ever ordering anything else at Wagamama in case it doesn’t live up to this dish.

So, if you’re in Amsterdam and in need of delicious vegan food in a hurry, pop into Wagamama and thank them for having a vegan menu.

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