Sainsbury’s is stepping up on veganism

Hey, have you all noticed the shift happening over at Sainsbury’s in regards to promoting vegan food?

Within the space of a week, the UK grocery giant has posted three vegan cooking videos to their Facebook page.

Check them out here:

Wow. Three pretty spectacular vegan recipes shared by one of the biggest retailers on the planet. They have even gotten two leading vegan food personailities to help with the videos (Heart of Cake and CookDaily).

This is a clear indication of how powerful veganism has become in the UK. These companies do not undertake anything without market research and a lot of consideration.

That they are making vegan options a big part of their current advertising campaign says volumes. Times are changing and if they don’t get on board, they are going to miss out and they know it.

In related news, Sainsbury’s have apparently teamed up with a group of scientists to redesign their store layouts to encourage customers to buy less meat.

The following is lifted from a story in The Guardian:

Oxford University scientists will work with Sainsbury’s executives in a programme that will see supermarkets redesigned. Proposals include: placing vegetarian alternatives on the same shelves as meat products; giving vouchers and loyalty points to shoppers who choose vegetarian products; and providing recipes and leaflets that outline how shoppers can eat less meat.

What do you all think of this push on plant-based consumerism by Sainsbury’s?

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I think it’s great, even though veganism is growing, having a big name, everyday supermarket promoting it in this way, will help to normalise the lifestyle to people who would normally be antagonistic to vegans. It’s a win all round!

  2. It’s awesome. I also love that they are going to put meat alternatives next to meat products. Busy people often make split second decisions and retain same habits, so this gives the opportunity for meat eaters to not have to go searching for the “Vegetarian” section to see what new tasty alternatives to the norm is offered.

  3. Both my main local at New Cross Gate & the largest one at Hastings are currently being given a major revamp for all the shelving placement, so I’ll be interested to see when items are restocked if they are in line with that Guardian article above.

    (I personally dislike having vegan items mixed in with the meat stuff but hopefully they will keep them in a veggie section too…& obviously it’s a good thing to get people buying the meat-free goods.)

  4. I think it’s great, they have obviously listened to customers and it doesn’t look like they are just paying us lip service

  5. Yup, this is fab. My local branch had some vegan Quorn variants for the first time this week, so it’s all filtering through. Hopefully others will follow.

  6. It’s fantastic, I went shopping today and the vegetarian / vegan section has doubled in size since last time I went.. I’ve filled up my freezer again!

  7. Really upset to learn that Sainsbury’s Nectar points have announced yesterday they are now in partnership with the Daily Mail, who purvey hate with their racist, sexist & homophobic publication & website.

    There are already boycotts in place for firms who advertise in the Mail – several having been successful in getting them to withdraw from there. Sainsbury’s social media has been swamped by concerned consumers cutting up their Nectar cards; asking how to cancel their accounts & demanding they pull out of this ill-advised partnership.

    Do please have a look, voice your protests & take any further actions you wish to take in the hope a mass protest can make a difference here. Thanks.


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