Come on through, Oatly!

Have you seen these two new incredible products from dairy-free enthusiasts Oatly?


Yep, that’s correct. A tub of crème fraîche and a carton of vanilla custard.

I’m not sure if these products are available widely throughout the UK at the moment, but there are reports of them both being sold by Tesco.

Have you seen them out in the wild? How do you rate them?


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Unlike Alpro, Oatly is a business which I can really get behind. We travel to Sweden regularly. It’s the home of Oatly. There, they sell the creme fraiche and custard, as well as a whole host of other goodies not available in the UK. Cooking cream is one: in giant litre containers. Both the creme fraiche and the custard are fantastic products. The creme fraiche could be a tad sharper for my taste, but I love it all the same. Come on Oatly, sell all your products here.

  2. They had these and some other products at the recent London VegFest. The vanilla custard, and single cream were both delicious. I personally didn’t much like the creme tranche, but then I’ve never even had it in dairy form and perhaps it’s something that would work better as an ingredient in something, rather than just ‘straight’.

  3. Really liked the creme fraiche at Vegfest but felt it was more of a sour cream alternative, didn’t quite have the thickness of creme fraiche. Really good though.

  4. As a french creme fraiche eater, I have to say I was plesantly surprise by the substitute from Oatly feels more silky on the palette less heavy on the stomach 🙂 (my sis is vegan so I have been experimenting with lots of alternatives)

  5. I’ve just discovered this creme fraiche and it is fabulous. A real hit.

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