Grocery shopping with FGV… Sainsbury’s

If you don’t follow me over on my Facebook page, you missed out on the hilarity that is my Sainsbury’s shopping adventure.

Thankfully, the social network now allows for video embedding so you no longer have to suffer in the wilderness.

Check it out:

This was filmed at Sainsbury’s in Chiswick, West London.


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Absolutely brilliant video FGV! You should send it to the CEO of all the other supermarkets (and to Sainsbury’s CEO), as well as their marketing directors. Genisu.

    • Genius, not Genisu (although Genisu could be another new name for vegan cheeze…)

  2. Most of their new vegan cheeses had sold out in my local by yesterday evening, as had all the surrounding vegan items, such as the lasagne & different Alpros (& not just in the free-from sections). I nabbed the final Caramelised Onion one & it’s most toothsome!

    I like the way Sainsbury’s are joining in on the #Gary thing in all their social media. Don’t forget to call them on their Customer Careline 0800 636 262 to congratulate them on the new range & ask they stock it in other stores, as they are being very responsive to customer feedback..

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