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Guest post by Alison:

My husband and I moved to Great Bookham in Surrey about 5 years ago, and love it here. It’s close to some spectacular countryside, and about an hour on the train from London. Not a lot in this area for vegans, though. When we became vegan just over a year ago, we would do trips down to Brighton, or get on the train into London, just to get some decent food we hadn’t cooked ourselves. Now that has all changed…

Crazy Bean cafe/restaurant opened in Great Bookham a week ago. It has a fully vegan menu so there is nothing to worry about except ‘what do I feel like eating today?’ Crazy Bean also has a licence, so customers can have vegan beer or wine with dinner, and it is over the road from our local pub! We can’t believe our luck!

I have been to Crazy Bean about four times now, as they ‘unofficially’ opened a few days before the official opening. I have had a couple of lunches, and have been there with my husband for dinner, and with friends for lunch over the opening weekend. Every visit has been a success; the food has been varied and tasty, and the service has been friendly and welcoming. The lunchtime menu has items like sausage rolls and stuffed aubergine, and the evening meal we had there was a set menu: mushroom parfait, risotto balls, and apple crumble. It is so nice to go in for some lunch, and also get a soya latte! (Unheard of in Bookham before!)

Krissi and Rob run Crazy Bean; they are keeping it pretty simple for the time being, while they get established in the village, but this will probably change as time goes by. They are always incredibly hospitable. I know that many non-vegans have visited the place since it has opened, and everyone has been pleasantly surprised with the food. The last thing I was expecting was a vegan establishment opening here, and I couldn’t be happier!

Visit Crazy Bean online.

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