New vegan restaurant opening

Here is some exciting news!

A reader sent me these photos taken in Petersfield, Hampshire. Take a close look at the photos and you’ll see that this town is getting a new vegan fast food outlet… and they are looking for workers.

Check out the pics below:

14524562_10157465424340542_4291685900090572076_o 14525050_10157465424810542_3140178848972657534_o

I had to do an Internet search for Petersfield as my understanding of UK geography is rather lacking, but you might all know that it is between an hour to an hour and a half drive southwest of London.

The sign on the window lists all sorts of delicious fast food items for dining in or takeaway purposes, including soft serve ice cream, burgers and milkshakes.

Is this in your area? Are you excited?

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  1. Interesting. I’d never heard of air fryers before (but don’t exactly keep my ear to the ground of the kitchen gadget market).

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