Vegan mylkbar in Melbourne!

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Holy Matcha, Batman!


This pun-tastic little plant based restaurant opened about two months ago and I’ve been way too excited about trying it. After showing a couple of my non-vegan workmates the menu, they were sold (mostly on the vegan eggs… but still!) and I had two cohorts roped in to help me try this super-intriguing menu.

Quite frankly, none of us were disappointed by the experience!

Click here to see the menu.

IMG_6787 IMG_6789 IMG_6793 IMG_6795 IMG_6799 IMG_6801

The extensive range of lattes alone in this establishment is truly breathtaking to a local Melbournite. We do love our coffee! And, by gum (yes, I really did just say that) the Apple Pie Latte tastes like apple pie, the Cacao Latte tastes like hot chocolate from your childhood and the Mushroom Latte is sweeter than you’d imagine.

Located on the busy corner of Acland Street, it’s no surprise that the lunch rush fills the restaurant space from wall to wall, but with a menu this out of the world it’s absolutely worth trying to get a table for it.

With comments from my lunch guests like “It’s so Heston-esque!” and “MmmmmmmmmmmMmmmm”, this is one place I’ll be headed back to very soon!

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  1. Oh god, now I have to go all the way to Melbourne to check out this place!

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