Vegan banana split

I know the majority of readers are based in the socially, politically and financially crumbling UK so I thought I would offer you some pure vegan food escapism to brighten up your bleak week.

During my trip to Los Angeles last week, I had the extreme pleasure of visiting a completely vegan soft serve frozen yoghurt store located in Glendale.

Yoga-Urt is a gorgeous experience from top to bottom. Friendly people, delicious yoghurt (old school, isolationist UK spelling!) and a delightful selection of vegan toppings.

Take a look at the stunning banana split below and tell me if you can even handle it!

flavours sign toppings fruit toppings gummy toppings chocolate sauce vegan banana split yoga urt front

Save your devalued Pounds and get to California for some frozen goodness at Yoga-Urt.


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