Is Brexit already affecting vegan business?

This email was sent out to customers of online vegan grocery retailer,, following the E.U. Referendum results.

I have reproduced it with kind permission.


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Dear Friends,

As a non-political company it was never my intention to enter into any of the debate on the Brexit issue.

Each of us is entitled to our viewpoint. Unfortunately, it looks like the outcome will have an impact on some of our products.

The vote will mean a lot of change as we’ve all seen already in the financial markets.

The exchange rates are some of the lowest that we’ve seen since we started trading 17 years ago.

A lot of your favourite products are manufactured outside the UK. There’s the obvious ones that we import from the US, such as Go Max Bars, Primal Jerky and The Vegg.

The amazing alternatives we get from within the E.U. include Pernigotti Truffles, Soyatoo Whipping Cream, Topas Chorizo, Vivani Chocolate and Vantastic Foods Parmezano.

Even UK companies, such as Goody Good Stuff, Freedom Marshmallows and some of our own brand products are made in the EU, when we can’t get the suppliers here.

So why am I telling you all this ?

Well almost overnight the cost of products has gone up potentially as much as 10% and what that unfortunately means to us all is that prices will also rise.

We are holding our prices for now but they will inevitable increase over the next few weeks.

I wish it could be different but we will keep working to bring you the best vegan products from wherever they are in this world.

Best wishes,



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