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Do you remember when I wrote about GIVEkitchen? This food subscription service was designed to get vegan food to Liverpool while also donating meals to people in need. You can read my original post here.

I was alerted earlier today by a reader that the business has abruptly closed.

I popped over to the company’s Facebook page and found the following statement posted:


Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your kind words and support.

You all deserve an explanation as to why Give has closed so abruptly today. The team at Give have put a phenomenal amount of effort in the last 15 months, into creating a successful online vegan business and a great vegan restaurant. Thank you to all our customers for supporting us. We have been busy.

Plus on the charity side you have helped us to contact and help various charities in Liverpool, Manchester and overseas, ultimately feeding a lot of needy people. You have helped us to champion the vegan cause and ethical treatment of all beings with out cruelty or death. We must sincerely thank our staff and customers for this. We can say that nothing we harmed and we fed lots of people to a high standard without cruelty in the time we have been opened.

While the business has been busy and turning over money, the start up costs have been high. We have been hit with some large bills this month. We have some debts as a result and everyone who has invested in the business literally has no more money left to put in. It is a real shame as we feel the love off our customers and with more funding we could have grown the business and helped a lot more people.

We were left in the position that today we could close the business but still pay all staff what is owning this month and refund existing orders. If we would have carried on, then due to cash issues, we may not have been in a position to do this. It would not have been fair to our customers and staff if they were left out of pocket.

The management and staff are really disappointed and sad that it has come to this but we literally have no more funds to invest.

If you would like to consider buying or investing in the business to allow us to continue or want to take over and keep the ethos alive we would be glad to hear from you by email to

Thanks again for your kind messages and calls. We will be in touch with charities, suppliers and call back people who have ordered next week.

Please have an amazing weekend.

Again from all the team.

Thank you 💚

That’s some sad news right there. I hope all the staff can quickly find replacement jobs.


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