Vegan snacks at Disneyland

Even though this is intended to be a brief blog post about vegan snacks available in Disneyland, I can’t go past telling you how problematic a trip to the theme park was for me.

Some of the old-fashioned attractions are straight up racist and I can’t believe they still exist in 2016. From animatronic cannibals and head hunters on the Jungle Cruise to the drum rhythms and sexualised dancing of ‘Africans’ on the Small World ride, the park is a colonial throwback like nothing else I’ve seen.

I half expected Michael Caine to shoot someone with a pistol at some point during the day.

The rest of the park features sexist language and imagery, romanticised depictions of frontier times and heteronormative merchandise like ‘his and hers’ matching Mickey Mouse t-shirts.

I felt extremely confronted, as though I had been transported back to a time before people knew better.

Now that is off my chest…

If you find yourself at Disneyland in California for any reason, here are a few vegan snacks you might purchase to help get you through the torrent of essentialism thrown at you.

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south of france cruise


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  1. The whole racist Disney thing is age old. Walt Disney was racist. That we all know.
    When you analyse most things that Disney has done it becomes pretty clear.
    My kids are mixed race and I would never take them to Disneyland. Their agenda is all very suspect. Besides I find that they tend to hijack kid’s imaginations. The vegan food is probably provided more for allergies than Veganism.

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